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Let’s Get Political

Janina MackiewiczA new bathroom, kitchen and a lick of paint on the walls, how hard can that be? Well my naivety is well and truly exposed. A couple of months on and our new flat is still rocking the ‘distressed’ look. Right at the beginning of the renovation adventure a friend Janina Mackiewicz who’s running in the Finnish parliamentary elections, needed some new portraits for her campaign site. The aforementioned, recently acquired, empty, (mostly) white walled apartment looked like a good studio space.

Janina MackiewiczThe lighting set up was fairly straight forward; a softbox camera right and angled down and a bare flash raking across the background from the left. There was a little fill camera left from a reflector. Simple and reasonably consistent stuff. I tried shooting tethered to Lightroom for the first time which went really well. Having a large screen to check you’re getting what yo want is wonderful and the Lightroom tethered set up is simple and just worked. My only gripe is on my Nikon I can’t preview on the back of the camera at the same time, always looking over to check the laptop broke up the flow a little. I have to admit to one big mistake. I wanted the background blown out but was a bit slack when I was checking the exposure. End result; Lightroom had a lot of adjustment brush action, which seems to make it consume memory like there’s no tomorrow.

Thank you Janina for trusting me to take your portraits and good luck.

Hopefully sometime in the not to distant future I’ll be back to shooting more regularly, with less dust in my hair and paint on my hands.

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